15 Bad Habits That Can Worse Psoriasis,Patients Need To Avoid

1-Too much stress

While stress is often not easy to master, it is true that situations that cause you to become too emotionally overwhelmed can affect your blood pressure and, in turn, inflame your skin. So, it’s best to learn how to keep it cool and avoid stressful situations!

2-Drinking alcohol

While not the cause of psoriasis skin disease, alcohol can definitely aggravate the symptoms of the skin condition. This is because alcohol in your system can raise your body temperature and give you that “flushed” look, thus causing an inflammation of your complexion.

3-Being overweight

This may seem like an odd connection, but a study has found a link between being overweight and the occurrence of psoriasis skin disease. So, watch what you put on your plate and avoid snacking!

4-Eating foods that are too rich

A diet high in gluten and diary, especially if you are intol

5-Not protecting yourself from the sun

Harsh UV rays can exacerbate a whole slew of different skin conditions, and psoriasis  skin disease is no exception. Protect your skin with UV blocking products (make sure they’re suitable for your skin!) and keep out of the sun if you can help it.

6-Unsuitable skincare

Psoriasis skin disease is usually treated with specific skincare products. Avoid excessively abrasive formulas that may worsen the situation. Always double-check to see that ingredients are safe and dermatologically tested to ensure the inflammation is kept at bay.


Sure, scratching or even just light rubbing or scraping can relieve your itching, but eventually, this can cause an infection.


Just like alcohol, tobacco is an aggravating factor for those who suffer from psoriasis skin disease. Try to cut back on the number of cigarettes you smoke.

9-Not using the right moisturiser

Hydration is essential when you suffer from psoriasis skin disease. Choose a cream that helps to soothe and keep your complexion supple, especially if you tend to sit in air-conditioned rooms all day.

10-Taking too many showers

Hard water that is full of chemicals, overly abrasive shower gels… such elements can amplify the symptoms of psoriasis skin disease. A shower a day is enough to avoid aggravating your skin’s condition.

11-Not seeking treatment

The worst thing you can do is not treat your psoriasis skin disease. At the first signs of this condition, you should see a dermatologist and get special recommendations. They’ll be able to tell you what to you should avoid and what you should use to make an improvement in your condition.

12-Choosing the wrong shampoo

If you suffer from psoriasis skin disease on your scalp, you will need to know how to take proper care of the skin there. Choose a sensitive scalp shampoo or ask your dermatologist for advice.

13-A lack of hygiene

Psoriasis skin disease requires impeccable hygiene. Do not forget to wash your hands regularly and take a proper shower each day.

14-Trying to self-medicate

15-Using over-the-counter medication without a second opinion

Do not use pharmaceuticals without a proper diagnosis! You may have approached the service staff at your neighbourhood pharmacy and they may have given you plenty of solutions, but be sure you have all the information you need before you start using medication